CCTV and Environmental Sensors

Advanced CCTV Solutions for Secure and Environmentally-Attuned Educational Facilities

At The Big Picture Group, we believe in empowering educational institutions with the technology they need to ensure the safety and well-being of their community. Our comprehensive CCTV solutions offer high-quality IP cameras and endpoints, enhancing security while also enabling efficient environmental monitoring.

Our IP camera systems provide unparalleled image quality, ensuring every corner of your premises is under vigilant surveillance. They're not just security tools – they're proactive defenders designed to protect your institution, instilling peace of mind among educators, students, and parents alike.

But our solutions go beyond conventional security measures. We understand the growing need for schools to be responsive to environmental changes. That's why our CCTV systems also encompass environmental monitoring features, such as vape detection and CO2 sensors. These tools allow you to maintain a healthy and conducive learning environment, alerting you to changes that could impact student and staff well-being.

Notably, our solutions are installed and maintained under The Big PIcture’s Class 2 Security Licence. This licence permits us to provide a comprehensive range of services including installation, repair, servicing, and maintenance of various security equipment such as alarms, monitoring systems, audio or visual recording systems, and more.

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