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Multi-Purpose Halls and Theatres

Adaptable Solutions for Multi-Purpose Centres and Performing Arts Space

We acknowledge that multi-purpose spaces are often bustling hubs of activity, where a spoken word performance one day might transform into a high-energy basketball game the next. Our team ensures that your AV solutions are robust and resilient, designed with the awareness that basketballs might go flying. From thoughtfully positioned displays to strategically mounted speakers, we safeguard the durability of your investment while ensuring optimal performance.

At The Big Picture Group, we appreciate the vibrant tapestry of performing arts and the profound role it plays in our society. Understanding that every performance narrates a unique story, we are dedicated to delivering solutions that ensure your narratives are presented with clarity and impact. Whether your vision comprises a dedicated performing arts centre or a versatile multi-purpose space, our team crafts customised, user-friendly solutions tailored to the intricacies of your stage.

With our seasoned engineering team, we offer systems that include large-scale video distribution, point-source audio with bespoke mixing desks, stage lighting and control, all carefully considered for acoustic perfection. This comprehensive package extends to touch panel control systems and a tasteful selection of lecterns and furniture, providing an all-encompassing experience.

From initial consultation to final execution, we work closely with you to create a system harmoniously aligned with your needs and budget. Our solutions encourage anyone to step in, press start, and begin sharing their story effortlessly. Yet, they also offer the flexibility for professional operators to take charge of complex productions. Partner with The Big Picture Group for an elevated performance narrative that seamlessly transitions between diverse uses, from design to delivery.

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